Fresh from his sweep of the European Film Awards last weekend, Pedro Almodovar now faces stiff competition at home for Spain's Oscar-equivalent Goya Awards, the nominations to which were revealed today in Madrid prior to their February 1 ceremony.

Almodovar's internationally acclaimed Talk To Her (Hable Con Ella) earned seven nominations, one less than Fernando Leon's San Sebastian Golden Shell winner Mondays In The Sun (Los Lunes Al Sol), which also beat out Talk for Spain's foreign-language Oscar nomination this year.

Jose Luis Garci's Story Of A Kiss (Historia De Un Beso), Spain's third pre-selected finalist for the Oscar, also earned seven Goya nods, but was edged out of the best film and best director categories by Emilio Martinez-Lazaro's box office hit The Other Side Of The Bed (El Otro Lado De La Cama), which garnered a total of six Goya nods, and Antonio Hernandez's The City Without Limits (En La Ciudad Sin Limites), with five nominations total.

The four titles competing in both the best film and best director categories are thus Talk To Her, Mondays In The Sun, The Other Side Of The Bed and The City Without Limits.

Newcomers Julio Wallovits' and Roger Gual's edgy sleeper Smoking Room will compete against Talk To Her, Mondays In The Sun and The City Without Limits for best original script. Best adapted script nods went to Manuel Gutierrez-Aragon's Don Quijote, Knight Errant (El Caballero Don Quijote), Fernando Trueba's The Shanghai Spell (El Embrujo De Shanghai), Adolfo Aristarain's Argentina-set Common Places (Lugares Comunes) and Antonio Chavarrias' You'll Be Back (Volveras).

Up for best new director are Ines Paris and Daniela Fejerman for My Mother Likes Women (A Mi Madre Le Gustan Las Mujeres), Eduard Cortes for Nobody's Life (La Vida De Nadie), Ramon Salazar for Stones (Piedras) and Wallovits and Gual for Smoking Room.

A competitive best actor category will pit the popular Javier Bardem (Mondays In The Sun) and Javier Camara (Talk To Her) against veterans Juan Luis Galiardo (Don Quijote) and Sancho Gracia (800 Bullets). Up for best actress are Adriana Ozores for Nobody's Life, Ana Fernandez for Story Of A Kiss, Leonor Watling for My Mother Likes Women, and Mercedes Sampietro for Common Places.

Best supporting actor and actress nominees include Alberto San Juan (Other Side Of The Bed), Carlos Hipolito (Story Of A Kiss), Jose Coronado (Box 507), Luis Tosar (Mondays In The Sun), Geraldine Chaplin (City Without Limits), Maria Esteve (Other Side Of The Bed), Mar Regueras (Rencor) and Tina Sainz (Story Of A Kiss).

Best new actor and actress nods went to Carlos Iglesias (Don Quijote), Guillermo Toledo (Other Side Of The Bed), Jose Angel Egido (Mondays In The Sun), Roberto Enriquez (The Impatient Alchemist), Clara Lago (Carol's Journey), Lolita (Rencor), Marta Etura (Nobody's Life) and Nieve de Medina (Monday's In The Sun).

Nominations for best European film include Mostly Martha, The Pianist, Gosford Park and Italian For Beginners. Nominees to the best foreign Spanish-language film category are The Crime Of Father Amaro, The Last Train, Nada and A Lucky Day.