Acclaimed Danish actors Kim Bodnia and Iben Hjejle will join the cast of the unusual Norwegian surfer love story Monsterthursday directed by Arild Ostin Ommundsen, who made his feature debut with the low-budget surprise hit Mongoland in 2001.

Shooting from Oct 7 until Nov 21 in and around the coastal city of Stavanger in South Western Norway. Monsterthursday sees a young man leave his childhood sweetheart with his best friend in search of bigger waves in Australia.

Writer-director Ommundsen is joined by the rest of the creative team behind Mongoland including co-writer and creative producer Gro Elin Hjelle as well as producer Ingrid Festoey Ottesen.

The film is produced by the outfit Muz film on a $1.6m (NKR12m) budget backed with $958,000 (NKR7m) from the Norwegian Film Fund. Sandrew Metronome Norge will release Monsterthursday in August 2004.

Lead actor Vegar Hoel spent the summer learning to surf and can be seen on the picture between director Arild Østin Ommundsen (closest on the right) and actor Christian Skolmen.