Films Transit is reporting strong buyer interest in documentary Metallica: Some Kind of Monster, inspite of the fact that world DVD rights to the feature have already been soldto Paramount Home Entertainment.

Since its premiere at Berlin, theatrical rights for the film have beensold to the UK (Tartan), Australia (Dendy), Canada (Capri), Poland (Gutek), theCzech Republic (Cinemarx), Finland (NRP), Sweden (Folkets Bio), and Switzerland(Columbus), with TV2 taking all media rights to Denmark. Deals for Benelux and Germany are alsonearing completion. Directed by BruceSinofsky and Joe Berlinger, Metallica followsthe famous rock band as they undergo group therapy while preparing for therelease of their latest studio album. ANorth American release is scheduled for July 9 through IFC.

Four additional territories have also been concluded for documentary The Corporation, bringing the totalnumber of territories sold to 15.Australia (Gil Scrine), France (ARP), Italy (Fandango) and Japan(Uplink) are the latest deals to have been concluded. Zeitgeist releases the film in the U.S. this June. Meanwhile The Last Victory, a documentary about the annual horse raise IlPalio in Tuscany, was sold to the UK's Metrodome, and a North American deal isin the works.

Films Transit also holds library rights to Kiss Of The Spider Woman, which it hopes to re-launch next year tocoincide with the film's 20-year anniversary.