MonteCristo International has added two Singaporeanfilms, Graham Streeter's Cages andKelvin Tong's 1942, to its salesline-up for Cannes this year.

The US-basedsales company, which focuses on Asian and Eastern European cinema, will startsales for Cages at Cannes. The film, which premiered at Pusan last year, tells a story of threegenerations: a single mother who has a young, blind son, comes face-to-facewith her estranged father played by Japanese-American actor Makoto Iwamatsu.

MonteCristo will also present at Cannes the market premiere of 1942, a horror film set in Malaysia about a group of WWII Japanese soldiersstranded in a jungle who see mysterious figures.

"Singaporeanfilms are very well-crafted. Some directors like Kelvin Tong have internationalappeal,' says Michael Taverna of MonteCristo."Our focus is to bring to the global market the best regional co-productionsindependently of language. Cages isin English while 1942 is in Japanese."

Rounding up MonteCristo's Cannes line-up are Anna Melikian'sMars, Julius Sevcik'sRestart, KonradNiewolski's Palimpsest,John Williams' Starfish Hotel, Yegor Konchaloski's Escape and Dan Svatek'sClose to Heaven.