The Montreal World Film Festival (MWFF) has unveiled thecomplete line-up for its 30th edition, including 13 world premieresand six international premieres in its key World Competition programme.

In all, the festival will present 215features, 106 world or international premieres and 58 North American premieres.

As in past years, the World Competition has tended to themargins of international cinema. This year, the most recognised filmmakers in competition come from Brazil and Iran.

Carlos Diegues, considered the torchbearer of the Cinema Novo movement, will unveil his newest film, The Greatest Love Of All. A prolific filmmaker, Diegues is best known for his 1999 film Orfeu, his 1984 epic Quilombo and his 1979 break-out Bye Bye Brasil.

From Iran, Bahman Farmanara revisits his theme ofreturning exiles with Yek Bous-E Kouchoulou (A Little Kiss), while the eminent Mohsen Makhmalbaf returns to MWFF with theNorth American premiere of his India-set Scream Of The Ants.

Canada is represented by two titles in competition, theworld premiere of Stephane Lapointe's La Vie Secrete Des Gens Heureux (TheSecret Life Of Happy People), which closesthe event, and the international premiere of France-Canada coproduction LesFilles Du Botaniste Chinois (The Chinese Botanist's Daughters), directed by Dai Sijie.

One other notable film isGerman-Slovenia coproduction Warchild, which won a Bavarian Film Award in January for Best Screenplay.

The MWFF will honour four great performers, France's BulleOgier, Canada's Remy Girard, Germany's Bruno Ganz and the late Kiyoshi Atsumi,the beloved star of long-running Japanese Tora-san franchise.

The 2006 World Competition jury includes US actress KathyBates, French screenwriter Guillaume Laurant (Amelie)and Quebecois filmmaker Marc-Andre Forcier.

The festival runs from August 24 to September 4.

2006 MWFF World Competition- world premieres

La Vie Secrete Des GensHeureux (The Secret Llfe Of Happy People)
Dir:Stephane Lapointe (Canada)
Cast: Gilbert Sicotte, Marc Paquet, Catherine de Lean.
Thomas is shy and a dreamer. About to finish his university studies, he'sfinding it harder and harder to meet his parents' expectations and to fit intotheir idea of a happy family. Just then, a young woman enters and renews his ardour. Audrey changes hislife.

Yek Bous-E Kouchoulou (ALittle Kiss)
Dir: Bahman Farmanara (Iran)
Cast: Reza Kianian, Jamshid Mashayekhi, Hedieh Tehrani.
An lranian exile writer returns to his homeland to visit the grave of his son,to refresh his memories of lran and to renew his friendship with an oldcolleague who has become the country's most famous author while he was livingcomfortably in Switzerland.

Je Vais Bien, Ne T'en FaisPas (Don't Worry, I'm Fine)
Dir: Philippe Lioret (France)
Cast: Melanie Laurent, Kad Merad, Isabelle Renauld.
When her brother, LoTc, leaves home after a violent argument, Lili, 19,becomes depressed and anorexic. Until she finally receives a reassuringletter. She goes off to look for her brother. What she discovers defies belief.

Melanoma Ahuvati (MelanomaMy Love)
Dir: Joseph Madmony, David Ofek (Israel)
Cast: lgal Adika, Sharon Zuckerman, Alon Abotbul.
A yourrg Israeli dancer is diagnosed with skin cancer. Only her husband knowsthat it is terminal and he decides to keep the knowledge to himself as herdeterioration continues.

Nagai Sanpo (A Long Walk)
Dir: Eiji Okuda (Japan)
Cast: Ken Ogata, Hana Sugiura, SakiTakaoka.
A lonely retired school principal who has moved to a small town after havinglost his wife and become estranged from his daughter, befriends a similarlylonely 5-year-old girl living next door. They take a long walk ...

O Maior Amor Do Mundo (TheGreatest Love Of All)
Dir: Carlos Diegues (Brazil)
Cast: Jose Wilker, Sergio Britto, Lea Garcia.
Antonio, a Brazilian astrophysicist who has lived and worked in the U.S.,discovers that he has terminal cancer. He returns to Brazil for a final tributeand to find out who his real parents were. Time is running out.

Parvandeh-Ye Havana (HavanaFile)
Dir: Alireza Raisian (Iran)
Cast: Amin Tarokh, Niki Karimi, Hamid Reza Pegah
An lranian scientist involved in a promising biotechnology project is dismayedto find that the government has stepped in to have it cancelled. He complainsto the press and finds himself the patsy of an elaborate smear campaign ...

Rllldo (Noise)
Dir: Cesar Rodriguez (Puerto Rico)
Cast: Marla Coral Otero Soto, Jose Rafael Alvarez
Franchi, a teenaged girl suffering from a rare hearing disorder, is sexuallyharrassed by theman who suddenly enters her mother's life. She decides to fightback. No holds barred.

Snow In The Wind
Dir: Yang Yazhou (China)
Cast: Ni Ping, Liu Wei, Miao Pu, Yan Lishu, Liu Yan.
A country girl marries a projectionist to satisfy her passion for the movies,but when her husband has an accident, she is forced to take over, and theirlife together is never the same.

Sok (Search)
Dir: Maria von Heland (Sweden)
Cast: Amanda Ooms, Lia Boysen, Pernilla August
Lisa is good-looking and single, and at 38 she is hearing her biological clockticking loudly. When an old flame confesses to having found his new bride onthe Internet, Lisa agrees to give it a try herself.

Dir: Christian Wagner (Germany-Slovenia)
Cast; Labina Mitevska, Senad Basic, Crescentia Dunsser
A mother in Bosnia who had hoped against hope that her daughter had survivedthe war, discovers the she has, but that the girl has been adopted and raisedby a family in Germany. Difficult decisions await.

Yatra (The Journey)
Dir: Goutam Ghose (India)
Cast: Nana Patekar, Rekha, Deepti Naval, Nakul Vaio
In this blend of realism and fantasy, a celebrated Indian writer who travels toDelhi to receive a prestigious prize, recalls the characters in his books andthe real life events on which theyare based.

MWFF World Competition - International premieres

Dir: Andrew Lau Wai-Keung (South Korea)

Del Hel Van Tanger (Hell InTangier)
Dir: Frank Van Mechelen (Belgium-Spain)

Dlng Jun Shan
Dir: An Zhanjun (China)

Les Filles Du BotanisteChinois (The Chinese Botanist's Daughters)
Dir: Dai Sijie (France-Canada)

Gymnaslaerer Pedersen(Comrade Pedersen)
Dir: Hans Petter Moland (Norway)

Mariposa Negra (BlackButterfly)
Dir: Francisco J. Lombardi (Peru)

Paginas Del Dlarlo DeMaurlclo (Pages Of Mauricio's Diary)
Dir: Manuel Perez Paredes (Cuba-Mexico)

Ultima Thule - EineResie An Den Rand Der Welt (Ultima Thule - A Journey To The Edge Of TheWorld)
Dir: Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf (Switzerland)

Un Franco, 14 Pesetas(Crossing Borders)
Dir: Carlos Iglesias (Spain)