Montreal's Festival duNouveau Cinema has signed a ten-year partnership with software magnate DanielLanglois that will cement the festival's place within Langlois' Ex-Centrismedia centre in the city's downtown.

Langlois is also forgivingthe FNC's long-term debt and committing to provide a long-term venue forCanada's oldest film festival. The 35th edition of the FNC runs fromOct 18 to 28.

The new arrangement hasthree other mandates: the creation of a new prize, Prix de l'innovation DanielLanglois, to be inaugurated this year and presented annually at the FNC; thelaunch of year-round educational programs; and the creation of a youth-orientedsummer day camp.

"We hope to take fulladvantage of this opportunity as the foundation of our activities aimed atdeveloping our audiences, giving them the very best that cinema has to offer,"said FNC director Bruno Jobin in a statement.

Langlois is also the keysponsor, and Ex-Centris the venue of, DigiMart, the international digitalycinema market. The second edition will precede the FNC, from Oct 16 to 18.