Montreal-based Park Ex Entertainment, producer of Canadian smash Bon Cop, Bad Cop, is readying Jacob Tierney's follow-up to Twist.

Written and to be directed by Tierney, The Trotsky dives into the mind of a 17-year-old high schooler who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Leon Trotsky. Twist producer Victoria Hirst of Victorious Films will co-produce. Budgeted in region of $5m, the film is looking to shoot in August 2008.

Park Ex president Kevin Tierney (father of Jacob) told the comedy plies a witty course between Alexander Payne's Election and Wes Anderson's Rushmore. 'It's as far away from Twist as you can go,' he said.

The company is also coproducing John N. Smith's $9m Canada-Ireland coproduction Love And Savagery with Dublin-based Subotica and Newfoundland's Morag Films. Written by Des Walsh, it follows a Canadian geologist who arrives in Ireland to explore a rock formation only to lose his heart to a local woman.

The film is casting now toward a shoot in March in the Newfoundland and Ireland. Mongrel Media will distribute in Canada. Backers include Telefilm, SODEC and the Irish Film Board.

As to the sequel to his hit cop caper - the highest-grossing local film in Canadian history - Tierney described the project as 'in inevitable development.' Said Tierney, 'In the wake of the success you have to take the time to let the dust settle. Americans make a hit, they want to make nine more right away. In Canada, we have to consider the metaphysical questions of why.'