A competition launched by UK magazine Farmer’s Weekly has inspired us to come up with our own agriculturally themed film titles.

We couldn’t resist writing about a new competition launched by Farmers Weekly, which is calling on farmers (or anyone who lives in the British countryside) to make their own spoof clip of an iconic film scene - with a farming twist.

To get applicants in the mood, Farmers Weekly has filmed its own “farmyard” version of Gladiator -swapping the epic Roman Coliseum with the not quite so epic Ashford livestock market. (click here to watch it). Other suggestions include the flying scene from Titanic on the front of a tractor (although the scene involving a horse’s head in The Godfather might not be such a good idea).

In the spirit of the competition, we’ve come up with our own film titles with an agricultural twist. (It was a slow afternoon!). Let us know if you’ve got any equally cringeworthy suggestions.

The Bleating Of The Lambs

The Baa-der Meinhof Complex

Milk Maid in Manhattan

Sheep Impact

Ewe’ve got Mail


Calf Nelson

Beverley Hills Crop



One Flew Over The Chicken’s Nest

A Clockwork Orange Grove

The Lambshank Redemption

Monty Python and the Holy Grain