Acclaimed Swedish director Lukas Moodysson is to start shooting his new as yet untitled film later this month at the Trollhattan studio, where he shot his previous hits Fucking Amal, Together and Lilja 4-ever.

The Swedish-language contemporary drama will again focus on a family, but as usual the writer-director is being tight lipped about the actual story.

In a statement Moodysson reveals that it is 'a film about a father and a son and a girl and a friend'. He also calls it a 'kind of U-boat film' and says that 'the film is a mix between Big Brother and Hieronymous Bosch, but with a little tenderness and thoughtfulness'.

Long-time collaborator Lars Joensson of Memfis Film, who has produced Moodysson's previous films, adds: "the script has all the qualities that we have come to expect of Moodysson. It is deeply original, both funny and horrible, provocative and moving."

After the success of his previous films, speculation was rife that Moodysson next film would be his first in the English-language. But he has always said that this would only happen when he had a story where it would be natural for it to be in English. "Just like it was natural for Lilja 4-ever to be in Russian," says Joensson.

The cast for Moodysson's drama is made up of Thorsten Flinck, the father, Björn Almroth, the son, Sanna Brading, the girl, and Goran Marjanovic as the friend.

The film is produced by Joensson's Memfis Film in collaboration with regional fund Film I Väst, Swedish broadcaster SVT, Zentropa and the Nordic Film & TV Fund with support from the Swedish Film Institute.

The release is set for the autumn of 2004, which would mean that the film might be ready for Venice where Moodysson's two previous films have had their premieres. Sonet Film handles the local release and Trust Film Sales international sales.