Sweden is currently enjoying the release of Together (Tillsammans), the second feature film by the country's most promising director Lukas Moodysson whose Fucking Amal (aka Show Me Love) in 1999 became one of the most successful Scandinavian films ever.

Fucking Amal opened in Sweden in November 1998 with 35 prints, grossing $483,626 during its first week. It left the theatrical circuit 26 weeks later with a total gross of $6,457,137 and also became one of the top 10 highest grossing films in neighbouring Norway with a total gross of $3m through distributor Sandrews Metronome.

With the release of Together, distributor Sonet, which also released Fucking Amal in Sweden, showed a bit more confidence in box office appeal and released the feature on 87 screens grossing $506,479 in its first three days August 25-27. The other major opener in Sweden over the weekend was 20th Century Fox's ill-fated Titan A.E. which grossed a disappointing $43,059 in three days.