Less than ten months after the Swedish premiere of Lilya 4-ever, Lukas Moodysson returns to local cinemas with another controversial film.

His latest project Terrorister - En Film Om Dom Domda (Terrorists - A Film About Those Who Were Sentenced) is a gritty and unflinching documentary about some of the young Swedish activists who were imprisoned following the riots that took place at the EU summit in Goteborg in June 2001.

Co-directed by documentary film-maker Stefan Jarl, the film opens in local theatres on Friday June 27.

Reinforcing their status as two of Sweden's most political film makers, Moodysson and Jarl explained at a packed press conference in Stockholm that the purpose of the film is to give voice to those who have been called "hooligans" and even "terrorists" in the Swedish media.

So far, more than 60 young Swedes have been sentenced to a total of 45 years in prison following the Goteborg riots.

"As a grown-up and a father in this society, I think you have a responsibility to take an active part when things like this happen. The young Goteborg activists had not been heard in public, so we decided to let them speak", said Moodysson (pictured).

Moodysson stated that his political sympathies were in line with those of the activists. He also admitted that he thought that political violence can be justified - "if you want to change the world."

Terrorists has already been criticised by the Swedish media for being a tendentious and biased account of the much-debated events in Goteborg.

The film is produced by Stefan Jarl AB and Moodysson & Moodysson AB, with support from the Swedish Film Institute and in co-production with Film I Vast. It is being distributed by Folkets Bio.