An outline of Michael Moore's next documentary has been sentout to international distributors by Moore's agency Endeavor - and isgenerating heat amongst major buyers at the Toronto Film Festival.

Entitled Sicko, it is his much-discussed study of thehealthcare system in the United States and Moore recently explained his agenda in making the film.

"I just don't understand why one of the richest countries onthe earth allows 44 million of its people no help when they are sick. It's ahuman right. Every other country on this planet has some form of system thatsays you have a right to see a doctor if you get sick. So the film would lookat the lack of the healthcare system in the US, at the insurance companies, thebig hospitals, the pharmaceutical companies. It will be 90 minutes ofpunishment for these corporations and politicians who have put us in thissituation."

Buyers report that it will conclude with a boat trip to Cuba where the healthcare system is famously socialised. Moore will attempt to seek help there for Americans who cannot get treatment in the US.

As yet, no sales agent is attached to the film, but with Fahrenheit9/11's international gross now standing at $75m, there will be no shortageof demand.