Hollywood-based production company 8X Entertainment has begun shooting historical epic One NightWith The King, in the Indian city of Jodhpur.

The cast includes Peter O'Toole (the Prophet Samuel), OmarSharif (Prince Memucan), John Rhys-Davies as Mordecai and John Noble as PrinceAdmantha

One Night With TheKing is a multi-million dollar epic which chronicles the life of the youngJewish girl, Hadassah, played by Hollywood newcomer, Tiffany Dupont.

Dupont portrays the rags-to-riches heroine who goes on tobecome the Biblical Esther, the Queen of Persia (400-322 B.C.), who saves theJewish nation from annihilation at the hands of its arch enemy Haman (played byJames Callis; while winning the heart of King Xerxes, played by Luke Goss,.

Adapted by screenwriter Stephan Blinn, directed by MichaelSajbel and produced by 8X Entertainment, OneNight With The King is scheduled for theatrical release on March 25, tocoincide with Good Friday.

For the past few years the Indian Ministry of Informationand Broadcasting has been encouraging Hollywood productions to shoot in thecountry. There have been significant changes in the policy for shooting featurefilms and documentaries in India.

Actor and Filmmaker Albert Brooks recently arrived in NewDelhi to shoot his next film. The untitled comedy is set on the subcontinentwith a script by Brooks and is to co star Indian actress Sheetal Sheth. Lastyear Oliver Stone was in India to shoot scenes for Alexander.

Among the Indian companies involved in assistingInternational film crews on locations in India are Ajai Kapoor's Film ServicesIndia, Dileep Singh Rathore's Kundalini Pictures and India Take One managed byTabrrez Noorni who has offices in Los Angeles, New Delhi and Jaipur.

Kapoor who worked with Universal Studios on The Bourne Supremacy's eleven day shootin Goa told Screendaily.com, "Fourinternational films have been shot in India this year and we are expectinganother eight films in the next few months".