Spain's Morena Films isgearing up for an ambitious year with the launch of new genre label Trauma anda musical feature in development with veteran director Carlos Saura.

The projects represent thetwo divergent lines of production at Morena: commercially-oriented,locally-targeted genre concepts developed in-house; and high-profileinternational fare such as Oliver Stone documentary Looking For Fidel orEuros 9.8m Peter Mullan-starrer Cargo.

"This is a process ofrationalising and restructuring the flow of production," says Juan Gordon, whosplits production duties at Morena with Alvaro Longoria and Cannes 2004"Producer on the Move"' Pedro Uriol. "You can either produce whatever comesyour way or you can give it a bit of structure, which will facilitate thatpeople identify the product.

Following in the vein ofprevious works such as Tango and Flamenco, Saura's Euros 2.5m LaIberia will match dancers like Joaquin Cortes and Sara Baras to music byclassic composer Isaac Albeniz. It will begin shooting before year-end.

With Trauma, Morenaaims to add at least one psychological chiller to its annual slate. The newstamp follows the company's creation last year of teen flick label Happy Hour,which begins shooting on its second film, Euros 1.85m graduation romp School'sOut (Fin De Curso), this summer.