Spain'sMorena Films is continuing its policy of shooting outside Spain with two newfilms set in Mexico and Argentina

TheEuros 2.5m Mexican co-production La Zona, set in a wealthy Mexico Cityenclave surrounded by slums, is being directed by Rodrigo Pla. The La ZonaFilms co-production will be sold by Wild Bunch.

Andshooting next fall in Argentina with a local co-producer is the Euros 3m Nocturna. Writer-director PacoCabezas' effects-laden horror tale turns on two siblings who delve into theirfather's past.

"Ourapproach is to generate 25% to 75% of the financing outside Spain," says JuanGordon, one of Morena's three lead producers along with Alvaro Longoria andPedro Uriol. "It is a wide range because our films aim for different markets."

"We use a mostly Spanish pool of talentfor films that can happen anywhere in the world - we are shooting in placeslike Argentina, Mexico, Spain, the UK and Brazil because that's where thestories are set," added Gordon.

Morenahas made waves with projects like Spike Lee's Brazilian music documentary Fusion, shooting from October;Carlos Saura's Spanish music and dance extravaganza Iberia, in post-production; andClive Gordon's ship-set thriller Cargo starring Peter Mullan and DanielBruehl. All three films are international co-productions being sold by WildBunch.