Morgan Creek Productions haswon its lawsuit against Franchise Pictures and has been awarded close to $2m.Morgan Creek had loaned Franchise $2m and in return Franchise had guaranteedthat it would replay that amount out of revenue corridors of other films.

The jury found thatFranchise had "breached the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing byfailing to take any meaningful steps to repay Morgan Creek out of the revenuecorridors of A Sound Of Thunder,a sci-fi adventure film."

During the trial, Franchisehad argued that it was unable to repay Morgan Creek from that film because ofthe downturn in the international marketplace.

The jury also found infavour of Morgan Creek on its claims that Franchise demonstrated improperaccounting to Morgan Creek on the films The Whole Nine Yards and The Art Of War, which were both produced by Franchise anddistributed by Morgan Creek through its exclusive deal with Warner Bros.