A day after unveiling a production deal with Stewart Till's new distribution network, Mosaic Media Group producer Charles Roven says he is now studying how the deal can work in synergy with his existing MGM, Helkon Media and Toho-Towa partnership.

"We believe that there is a great possibility that the two relationships can work in conjunction with each other," he said. "We are looking for ways in which they can potentially work together or certainly work alongside each other."

Now that Helkon's share price has fallen to Euros 2.37 and its market capitalisation is $22.2m (at Cannes last year, it was trading at Euros 42 and capitalised at $400m), there is speculation the Germany company can no longer support the Roven deal, which has to date spawned only Rollerball.

Roven refuted that claim. "We have two-and-a-quarter years left to run on the deal and at the moment, they have lived up to every commitment they have made," he says. "If they end up not being able to do so, I am sure we will work something out."

Helkon's Christian Halsey-Solomon said he was pleased that Till had got his company up and running. "I'm very happy for Stewart. Toho and Helkon continue to have a first look at Chuck's films and this now gives him another place to go."

As for the domestic component of Till's deal, MGM also appears a natural partner, since its vice-chairman and COO Chris McGurk was a vocal supporter of Till's PolyGram distribution system when he was at Universal. Similarly, McGurk has a close relationship with Miramax Films which has also been mooted as a domestic partner on the Till product.

"We have a lot of different possibilities as to how we would get the domestic component together in this venture," said Roven. "We could have output arrangements or a series of output arrangements. Put deals are very difficult to engineer."

Mosaic is Till's chief investor alongside CDP Capital Communications.