Former Mutual Film Co COOAnthony Mosawi has set up a new production and finance company called TheMayhem Project. Backed by European private equity source, the outfit plans todevelop, finance and produce genre films budgeted between $10m and $25m such asthe first property acquisition, videogame horror hit Clock Tower.

"We are looking for highconcept branded genre movies with international appeal," said Mosawi in astatement. "Our goal is to make movies based on branded IP - comic books, videogames, anime, manga or films - in addition to seeking out originalconcept-driven material."

The Mayhem Project, whichwill seek co-financing opportunities with studios as well as funding its ownfilms, has hired Brad Luff, former president of production at Morgan Creek, whowill work with Mosawi to acquire, develop and produce film properties for thecompany. Luff oversaw the reshoot of Exorcist: The Beginning at Morgan Creek as well as setting up Two For TheMoney which Universal will releasenext year. Prior to Morgan Creek, he was executive vice president at OriginalFilm where he produced Urban Legend, Not Another Teen Movie and Torque among others.

"Our access to capital andour extensive networks overseas make one of the core strengths of The MayhemProject our independence," said Mosawi in a statement. "It was very importantto me we have the in-house production expertise. Brad fits the bill perfectly,he is a very talented and experienced production executive who will be a greatasset to the company."

Clock Tower is published by videogame giant Capcom; the thirdinstalment of the franchise was directed by cult Japanese director KinjiFukasaku.

Mosawi spent three years atMutual where he negotiated milti-picture and equity finance arrangements with anumber of overseas distributors and partners as well as arranging the financingfor Mutual product such as the two Lara Croft films and Timeline.

Prior to Mutual, he was aproduction attorney at the motion picture group of Paramount Pictures andstarted his career as a barrister in the UK.