Festival hit Look BothWays by Australian director SarahWatt took the main Propeller Award at the eighth Motovun Film Festival (July24-28) in Istria, Croatia. Both the Amnesty International Human Rights andFIPRESCI awards went to Erwin Wagenhofer's ambitious documentary We Feed theWorld.

Croatian director GoranDukic's Wristcutters won theaudience award and the 'A to A' prize for the best film made in the region fromAlbania to Austria. 'Though the film was made in the US, the main jury decidedthat the regions are supposed to be open rather than closed entities,' saidVili Matula, a Croatian actor who served as a member of the jury. The prize forthe best short film went to Bosnian Alen Drljevic's Paycheck.

In previous years, theMotovun Film Festival had a 'partner country," around which the wholeconcept of the festival was developed. This year, however, the partner countrywas "Thespis," thus dedicating the festival to actors. The main juryconsisted of Serbian actress Milena Dravic, Bosnian actress Jasna Zalica andVili Matula.