In partnership with Monaco Telecom and Alcatel, MovieSystem has launched a Video-on-Demand service for television via DSL, Sesame TV. At a press conference in Monaco last week, the project was unveiled and followed by an impressive demonstration of DVD quality resolution.

Sesame TV will offer Monaco residents the opportunity to subscribe and receive films on their television sets via DSL lines for roughly Euros5 per film. 40% of Monaco homes currently have DSL access and Monaco Telecom hopes to up that number with this new offer.

MovieSystem is headed up by former Pathe Video executive Maxime Japy who has been working towards bringing VoD to consumers via television for the past three years. Already up and running on PC, MovieSystem receives over 400 requests per day for movies which are then streamed to homes in France.

Over the past three years, Japy has struck deals with over 70 production companies in France for VoD rights and boasts deals with Fox, Pathe and Luc Besson's Europa Corp. as well. The catalogue now numbers over 1500 films with additions being made regularly.