Antagonism between Canadiandistribution company Motion Picture Distribution (MPD) and a trio of formerexecutives escalated today, as MPD announced plans to seek legal redressagainst the executives while their lawyer vowed to "see the truth out in court".

MPD launched the firstvolley, with a late afternoon release announcing it had commenced proceedingsagainst former CEO Patrice Theroux and former general counsel Paul Laberge "forbreaches of their legal duties" and, in a separate proceeding, seeking aninjunction to enforce former MPD chairman Victor Loewy's "obligations ofnon-competition, non-solicitation and confidentiality".

"We regrethaving to take this step," said David Richards, an independent directorand chair of the MPD's compensation and governance committee, in a statement."However, their recent public actions have left us with little choice. Wemust do everything we can to enforce our rights for the benefit of the businessand our unitholders."

Within hours, AlanLenczner of Toronto firm LencznerSlaght Royce Smith Griffin, representing the former executives, parried withhis own statement.

"To issue a newsrelease before notifying my clients tells me MPDI is more concerned withgetting their side of the story in the newspapers, than ensuring justice isserved. MPDI doesn't even have the simple courtesy to give their formertop executives some notice. The allegations made by MPDI will be responded toin the court proceedings immediately. My clients look forward to gettingthe truth out in court."

According to a report inToronto's Globe and Mail newspaper, Loewy is preparing to announce a newdistribution company as soon as 23 August.