Universal's hit comedy Mr Bean's Holiday kept the international top spot this weekend, grossing $17m from 45 territories and bringing its total to $125.9m after four weeks. 300 continues to battle in second place and generated $13.5m from 55 territories in its sixth week. A handful of new thrillers dot the chart: Perfect Stranger opened in 39 territories this weekend and took $8.6m while Korea's Paradise Murdered took $3.7m in its home territory over the three-day period. And teen thriller Disturbia entered with a solid $1.7m from 246 screens. Mark Wahlberg-vehicle Shooter shot up 311% as it expanded into an additional 15 territories, including the UK and Spain, and took $4.6m at the weekend, while Wild Hogs generated $8.9m - a 168% increase on last weekend after it opened in a further 10 territories. Stomp The Yard, Goal! 2, and Curse Of The Golden Flower all re-entered the chart this weekend.

Analysis: International box-office Weekend april 13-15
week)Film (origin)gross $ScrsCume $Terr
1(1)Mr Bean's Holiday (US-UK-Fr)$17,062,0094052$125,953,66745
2(2)300 (US)$13,530,5635385$202,968,78255
3NewPerfect Stranger (US)$8,604,8092437$8,934,10039
4(6)Wild Hogs (US)$8,912,0002033$28,467,00018
5(3)Meet The Robinsons (US)$5,930,0003850$36,268,00036
6(9)Sunshine (UK)$5,195,1701866$10,200,76230
7(34)Shooter (US)$4,654,7101471$8,356,93423
8NewParadise Murdered (S Kor)$3,792,649383$4,351,7651
9(5)TMNT (US-HK)$3,737,4152496$20,210,83330
10(4)The Reaping (US)$3,168,5611303$12,480,83018
11(24)Ghost Rider (US)$2,050,0871048$106,498,78645
12(18)The Lives Of Others (Ger)$1,957,761696$42,363,60814
13(7)Le Prix A Payer (Fr)$1,901,607449$5,618,4952
14*Stomp The Yard (US)$1,833,698183$4,193,2576
15(8)Norbit (US)$1,770,7171292$58,361,35842
16(11)Music And Lyrics (US)$1,763,0341494$83,235,43938
17NewDisturbia (US)$1,719,296246$1,719,2962
18(14)Bridge To Terabithia (US)$1,653,1421222$27,018,43413
19NewTokyo Tower: Mom And Me And... (Jap)$1,624,177329$1,624,1771
20NewVollidiot (Ger)$1,602,515538$1,602,5152
21(16)Blades Of Glory (US)$1,464,588361$5,929,4461
22(20)Hunting And Gathering (Fr)$1,437,923497$13,758,9033
23(12)Epic Movie (US)$1,363,020866$37,221,65816
24(17)Night At The Museum (US)$1,251,196655$318,371,4368
25(13)Waiting For A Miracle (Russ)$1,236,536503$4,152,1603
26NewGoodbye Bafana (UK-S Africa)$1,209,889449$1,701,5515
27(10)The Show Must Go On (S Kor)$1,196,572374$5,364,0791
28(25)Blood Diamond (US)$1,136,335519$107,977,02914
29(22)The Messengers (US)$1,132,298711$8,267,8516
30*Goal! 2 (Ger-UK-Sp)$1,085,000350$4,034,0003
31(26)The Number 23 (US)$1,070,245707$26,088,45919
32(29)Eragon (US)$1,060,466492$171,748,1682
33(42)Happily N'Ever After (US)$995,924743$5,201,6847
34*Curse Of The Golden Flower (HK-Chi)$981,819496$58,721,01610
35(32)Demandez La Permission Aux Enfants (Fr)$914,212346$2,292,2982
36NewMail Narok Muay Yok Lor (Thai)$903,65290$967,8451
37(15)The Good Shepherd (US)$901,478294$23,763,32318
38(19)Because I Said So (US)$891,593423$8,996,94111
39(30)Hot Fuzz (US-UK-Fr)$862,786428$47,695,3058
40(23)Small Town Rivals (S Kor)$861,768260$7,741,5571
*Re-entry (c) Screen International, compiled by Leonard Klady
North America - Three-day weekend April 13-15 - Top 30
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-dayScrsScr%Total
gross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Disturbia (US) ParamountNEW$22,224,9822,925$7,598 -$22,224,982
2(1)Blades Of Glory (US) Paramount3$13,826,3863,467$3,988-39$89,956,404
3(2)Meet The Robinsons (US) Buena Vista3$12,467,1553,238$3,850-25$72,367,907
4(-)Perfect Stranger (US) Sony PicturesNEW$11,206,1632,661$4,211 -$11,206,163
5(3)Are We Done Yet' (US) Sony Pictures2$8,952,6862,877$3,112-37$32,756,340
6(-)Pathfinder (US) 20th FoxNEW$5,001,2141,721$2,906 -$5,001,214
7(7)Wild Hogs (US) Buena Vista7$4,676,7342,429$1,925-30$152,280,821
8(5)The Reaping (US) Warner Bros2$4,567,4782,603$1,755-54$19,765,297
9(6)300 (US) Warner Bros6$4,454,3552,140$2,081-47$200,965,135
10(4)Grindhouse (US) The Weinstein Company 2$4,331,3722,629$1,648-63$19,792,200
11(-)Redline (US) Chicago PicturesNEW$3,962,3851,607$2,466 -$3,962,385
12(8)Shooter (US) Paramount4$3,095,8241,907$1,623-47$42,092,525
13(10)Firehouse Dog (US) 20th Fox2$3,053,8552,881$1,060-20$10,206,420
14(-)Aqua Teen Hunger Force (US) First Look PicturesNEW$3,005,175877$3,427 -$3,005,175
15(9)TMNT (HK-US) Warner Bros4$2,259,3221,855$1,218-53$50,819,085
16(16)The Hoax (US) Miramax2$1,466,552413$3,551+1$3,413,521
17(13)The Namesake (US) Fox Searchlight6$1,244,852331$3,761-27$8,661,334
18(11)Premonition (US) Sony Pictures5$1,118,859992$1,128-64$46,836,048
19(12)Reign Over Me (US) Sony Pictures4$822,491990$831-66$19,085,807
20(-)Slow Burn (US) Lionsgate FilmsNEW$778,1231,163$669 -$778,126
21(20)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox17$522,556355$1,472-3$249,326,139
22(19)The Lives Of Others (Ger) Sony Pictures Classics9$484,508214$2,264-18$8,142,845
23(18)Amazing Grace (UK-US) IDP Distribution8$426,913331$1,290-32$19,962,129
24(15)The Last Mimzy (US) New Line4$404,570515$786-73$20,033,215
25(14)The Hills Have Eyes 2 (US) 20th Fox4$388,861398$977-75$20,132,160
26(21)Ghost Rider (US) Sony Pictures9$332,420341$975-26$115,276,120
27(-)Black Book (Bel-Ger-Neth-UK) Sony Pictures ClassicsNEW$201,86328$7,209 -$384,819
28(17)The Lookout (US) Miramax3$185,061191$969-82$4,419,224
29(-)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros9$177,570305$582 -$50,158,011
30(25)Deep Sea 3D (Can-US) Warner Bros59$170,32735$4,866-21$26,286,878
$1 = $1.00 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance -1.1% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 30)
top 30 total 3-day gross $115.8m
UK/Ireland - Three-day weekend April 13-15 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-daySitesSite%Total
gross £gross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Wild Hogs (US) BVINEW£1,691,320$3,353,797400$8,384 -$3,353,797
2(1)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr) UPI3£1,527,289$3,028,533507$5,973-38$36,288,408
3(2)Blades Of Glory (US) PPI2£740,872$1,469,110362$4,058-28$5,970,765
4(-)Shooter (US) PPINEW£716,202$1,420,190303$4,687 -$1,420,190
5(3)300 (US) Warner Bros4£499,369$990,222367$2,698-51$25,802,907
6(4)Sunshine (UK-US) 20th Fox2£443,368$879,175409$2,150-57$4,452,871
7(5)Meet The Robinsons (US) BVI4£372,037$737,730442$1,669-17$6,950,095
8(-)Curse Of The Golden Flower (China-HK) UPINEW£358,390$710,668223$3,187 -$710,668
9(-)Perfect Stranger (US) SpriNEW£277,047$549,369257$2,138 -$549,369
10(-)The Lives Of Others (Ger) Lionsgate UKNEW£223,586$443,35963$7,037 -$443,359
$1 = £0.50 Screen International
Year-on-year performance -9.3% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
top 20 total 3-day gross $15m
France - Week ending April 10 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek7-day7-dayScrsScreen%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Le Prix A Payer (Fr) Wild BunchNEWEUR2,637,334$3,525,376444$7,940 -$3,525,376
2(1)Hunting And Gathering (Fr) Pathe Distribution3EUR1,652,886$2,209,446470$4,701-42$10,938,301
3(2)300 (US) Warner Bros3EUR1,285,651$1,718,555468$3,672-43$10,687,223
4(3)Bridge To Terabithia (US) SND2EUR1,225,472$1,638,113557$2,941-39$4,328,882
5(-)Demandez La Permission... Enfants (Fr) TFM DistNEWEUR916,995$1,225,765335$3,659 -$1,225,765
6(-)Epic Movie (US) 20th FoxNEWEUR757,520$1,012,592280$3,616 -$1,012,592
7(-)Norbit (US) Paramount Pictures InternationalNEWEUR756,289$1,010,946197$5,132 - $1,010,946
8(-)Tales From Earthsea (Jap) BVINEWEUR479,772$641,321195$3,289 - $641.321
9(4)Hellphone (Fr) Studio Canal2EUR396,138$529,526409$1,295-59$1,812,815
10(8)Happily N'Ever After (Ger-US) TFM Distribution2EUR391,972$523,957450$1,164-39$1,377,870
$ figures approximated on a $5.57 average ticket price. Le Film Francais
Year-on-year performance -41.1% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 7-day gross $17.8m
Spain - Three-day weekend April 13-15 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScr%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Perfect Stranger (US) SpriNEWEUR1,443,778$1,951,051362$5,390 -$1,951,051
2(-)Wild Hogs (US) BVINEWEUR1,018,199$1,375,945299$4,602 -$1,375,945
3(1)300 (US) Warner Bros4EUR788,963$1,066,166440$2,423-52$18,385,573
4(2)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr) UPI3EUR734,512$992,584294$3,376-54$8,053,320
5(-)Shooter (US) UPINEWEUR691,543$934,518271$3,448 -$934,518
6(3)The Reaping (US) Warner Bros2EUR624,029$843,282301$2,802-51$3,751,361
7(4)Meet The Robinsons (US) BVI3EUR486,563$657,518392$1,677-58$5,785,257
8(5)The Good Shepherd (US) UPI2EUR479,539$648,026161$4,025-43$2,674,577
9(6)Because I Said So (US) Aurum2EUR382,878$517,403175$2,957-46$2,211,216
10(7)The Messengers (US) Aurum3EUR313,901$424,191245$1,731-50$3,922,531
$1 = EUR0.74 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance -9% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 3-day gross $10.8m
Germany - Four-day weekend April 12-15 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek4-day4-dayScrsScr%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(2)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr) UPI3EUR1,560,043$2,108,166844$2,498-53$18,193,608
2(1)300 (US) Warner Bros2EUR1,428,200$1,930,000678$2,847-71$10,740,058
3(-)Vollidiot (Ger) Senator Film VerleihNEWEUR1,176,187$1,589,442508$3,129 -$1,589,442
4(3)Die Wilden... Die Liebe (Ger) Constantin Film2EUR586,299$792,296523$1,515-21$2,686,070
5(-)Perfect Strangers (NZ) SpriNEWEUR474,708$641,497395$1,624 -$641,497
6(4)Epic Movie (US) Kinowelt2EUR223,565$302,115217$1,392-57$1,437,843
7(5)Music And Lyrics (US) Warner Bros6EUR186,704$252,303410$615-64$11,454,934
8(6)The Hills Have Eyes 2 (US) 20th Fox3EUR137,302$185,543369$503-68$2,171,008
9(-)TMNT (HK-US) Tobis FilmNEWEUR125,197$169,185202$838 -$169,185
10(10)Hande... Mississippi (Ger) Delphi Film Foundation4EUR120,618$162,997314$519-36$1,942,143
$1 = EUR0.74 Nielsen EDI
Year-on-year performance -56% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 15)
Top 15 total 4-day gross $8.8m
Italy - Three-day weekend April 13-15 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScr%Total
gross EURgross $avg $changegross $
1(1)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr) UPI2EUR1,044,336$1,411,265429$3,290-40$5,258,500
2(-)Perfect Stranger (US) SpriNEWEUR723,465$977,655285$3,430 -$977,655
3(3)The Illusionist (US) Eagle Pictures2EUR493,565$666,980285$2,340-39$2,461,314
4(2)300 (US) Warner Bros4EUR456,015$616,236214$2,880-55$13,612,434
5(-)Tutte Le Donne Della Mia Vita (It) Eagle PicturesNEWEUR396,580$535,919243$2,205 -$535,918
6(4)Il 7 E L'8 (It) Medusa Film5EUR375,149$506,958200$2,535-50$9,765,592
7(8)The Lives Of Others (Ger) 01 Distribuzione2EUR334,161$451,569112$4,032+6$1,240,061
8(-)Goya's Ghosts (Sp) Medusa FilmNEWEUR333,108$450,146200$2,251 -$450,146
9(7)Centochiodi (It) Mikado Film3EUR278,387$376,199150$2,508-28$2,061,295
10(-)Last Minute Marocco (It) 01 DistribuzioneNEWEUR231,581$312,947147$2,129 -$312,947
$1 = EUR0.74 Cinetel
Year-on-year performance -10.7% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 20)
Top 20 total 3-day gross $7.3m
Mexico - Three-day weekend April 13-15 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScr%Total
gross pesogross $avg $changegross $
1(1)Wild Hogs (US) BVI211,196,699$1,016,957393$2,588-23$3,984,934
2(2)The Reaping (US) Warner Bros210,330,767$938,308350$2,681-22$3,327,651
3(4)Mr Bean's Holiday (UK-US-Fr) UPI28,022,316$728,639263$2,770-19$2,596,455
4(3)Meet The Robinsons (US) BVI37,489,507$680,246441$1,543-36$6,333,368
5(-)Goal! 2 (Ger-UK-Sp) BVINEW7,159,280$650,253260$2,501 -$792,175
6(6)TMNT (HK-US) Gussi25,403,645$490,794307$1,599-42$2,437,081
7(5)300 (US) Warner Bros45,402,390$490,680360$1,363-44$8,983,254
8(7)Are We Done Yet' (US) Spri23,413,508$310,037236$1,314-24$1,172,886
9(8)Shooter (US) Paramount Pictures International32,032,836$184,635167$1,106-46$1,916,818
10(-)The Number 23 (US) GussiNEW2,001,202$181,762105$1,731 -$206,109
$1 = peso11.01 Screen International, Compiled by Leonard Klady
Year-on-year performance -15% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 3-day gross $5.7m
Japan - Two-day weekend April 14-15 - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek2-day2-dayScrsScr%Total
gross Yengross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Tokyo Tower: Mom And Me... (Jap) ShochikuNEWYen193,983,549$1,624,177329$4,937 -$1,624,177
2(1)Night At The Museum (US) 20th Fox5Yen144,157,099$1,206,992541$2,231-30$26,917,778
3(3)Blood Diamond (US) Warner Bros2Yen120,235,473$1,006,702285$3,532-20$3,514,851
4(4)Unfair: The Movie (Jap) Toho5Yen95,096,798$796,222260$3,062-28$19,455,970
5(2)Doraemon 2007 (Jap) Toho6Yen85,071,798$712,285331$2,152-47$27,863,337
6(5)The Holiday (US) UPI, UIP4Yen84,843,193$710,371277$2,565-18$8,628,963
7(-)Sunshine (UK-US) 20th FoxNEWYen60,697,921$508,209192$2,647 -$508,209
8(6)Happy Feet (Aus-US) Warner Bros5Yen50,045,027$419,015323$1,297-44$11,455,018
9(8)Battery (Jap) Toho6Yen39,022,415$326,725310$1,054-33$11,097,303
10(7)Taitei No Ken (Jap) Toei2Yen28,279,592$236,778221$1,071-54$1,272,414
$1 = Yen119.44 Screen International, Compiled by Leonard Klady
Year-on-year performance -43% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 2-day gross $7.5m
South Korea - Three-day weekend April 13-15 (92% screens reporting) - Top 10
RankFilm (Origin) DistributorWeek3-day3-dayScrsScr%Total
gross wongross $avg $changegross $
1(-)Paradise Murdered (S Kor) MK PicturesNEW3,267,866,000$3,518,564355$9,911 -$4,066,125
2(1)The Show Must Go On (S Kor) Lotte Entertainment21,108,854,500$1,193,921317$3,766-50$4,958,921
3(-)Ghost Rider (US) SpriNEW1,068,423,000$1,150,388250$4,602 -$1,367,269
4(2)Small Town Rivals (S Kor) CJ Entertainment3774,705,000$834,137222$3,757-48$7,516,229
5(3)300 (US) Warner Bros5559,687,000$602,624218$2,764-46$19,361,263
6(4)Perfume (Ger-Fr-Sp) Lotte Entertainment4325,641,500$350,623173$2,027-57$6,078,879
7(-)Beyond The Years (S Kor) Prime EntertainmentNEW317,639,500$342,008186$1,839 -$433,648
8(5)Because I Said So (US) Studio 2.02227,997,000$245,488135$1,818-61$1,263,731
9(6)Black Book (Bel-Ger-Neth-UK) Prime Entertainment384,219,500$90,68032$2,834-60$1,167,971
10(-)Mug Travel (S Kor) RG Animation Studio446,790,000$50,38033$1,527 -$548,048
$1 =won928.75 Kofic
Year-on-year performance +28.4% on equivalent week, 2006 (top 10)
Top 10 total 3-day gross $8.4m
The Screen Index - Cumulative grosses to April 20 issue
Weekly total: $195.2m
Year-on-year comparison -15.2%
Week-on-week comparison -10.6%
The weekly total is the sum of the grosses in the top nine markets