Rowan Atkinson's bumbling Brit overthrew Warner Bros' Spartan army as Universal/UPI's Mr Bean's Holiday reaped the benefits of a wide launch and grossed an estimated $33.3m from 3,061 sites in 26 territories.

Warner Bros Pictures International (WBPI) won't be unduly bothered however, as 300 crossed $100m overseas and has amassed more than $300m worldwide. By contrast, Buena Vista International's (BVI) animated romp Meet The Robinsons, which had been expected to challenge 300 and Mr Bean's Holiday, launched with a lacklustre $9m.

The excellent result for Mr Bean's Holiday puts the comedy sequel on $35.6m including last weekend's launches in Singapore and Malaysia. Producer Working Title registered its biggest weekend box office with the haul, which delivered number one rankings in 21 of the 24 new territories.

The results were driven by an extraordinary $12.8m in the UK from 512 sites that included previews and ranks as the biggest opening of the year-to-date and Universal's fourth biggest of all time.

Mr Bean pulled in $5.5m from 847 German sites for the biggest launch so far this year there as well, and coaxed $3.2m out of 257 Australian venues, setting another year-to-date mark. The film generated $2.2m from 280 sites in Spain and took $904,000 on Saturday alone, while in Russia it grossed $1m from 157 sites for Universal's sixth biggest launch in the market. Finland produced an amazing $630,000 from 51 sites that counted as Universal's biggest ever launch.

'We were strong across the board,' UPI president David Kosse said. 'There's no weak territory, despite a wide release pattern across South-East Asia, Europe and Australia. The character travels really well and audiences everywhere had an enjoyable time.' Mr Bean visits 18 new territories next weekend including Italy, Brazil and Mexico.

One of Universal/UPI's other success stories of 2007, the comedy spoof Hot Fuzz, added $1.1m from 474 sites in four territories to raise the international running total to $44.3m. It still ranks inside the top 10 after seven weeks in the UK, where $480,000 from 242 sites raised the tally to $40.2m. The film is Universal's ninth biggest release in the UK.

Hot Fuzz ranks fourth in its third weekend in Australia after $540,000 from 184 venues raised the tally to $3.5m. New Zealand stands at $565,000. Romantic comedy The Holiday has amassed $1.1m in Japan and stands at $134m overall.

300 added a mighty $30m through WBPI from 5,100 prints in 52 markets to raise the tally to $125.5m. The film opened number one in Brazil on a muscular $2.7m from 522 screens for the biggest launch for a 16-rated film and the second biggest for the studio behind Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire. It also dominated Argentina on $650,000 from 91 prints.

Strong second weekend holds powered the bulk of weekend business for the Spartans led by the UK, where 300 added $4.4m from 380 sites for $17.6m and second place behind Mr Bean's Holiday. The film held on to number one in Spain on $3.6m from 540 prints for $12.1m, and did the same in Italy as $3.3m from 510 raised the total to $10m.

The film delivered strong results in its second weekend in France and Mexico, taking $2.1m from 485 for $8.5m and $1.6m from 526 for $5.5m respectively. 300 held on to top spot in South Korea for the third consecutive weekend - an impressive feat given the traditional strength of local product in the territory - and added $2m from 228 for $15.2m.

The Spartans continued to perform admirably in their old stomping ground of Greece, adding $706,000 for $10.4m after four weekends to become Warner Bros' biggest film and the fourth biggest industry release after only 25 days.

Staying with WBPI, the romantic comedy Music And Lyrics added $4.2m from 2,450 prints in 54 markets for $73.5m. Germany generated $826,000 from 593 prints for $9.4m and ranks second after four, while France produced $540,000 from 311 in the third weekend for $4.5m.

Happy Feet raised its running total to $181m, driven by $1.2m from 499 screens in the third weekend in Japan that raised the tally there to $8.1m. Ho Voglia Di Te, the comedy distributed by Warner Bros Italy and produced by Cattleya, has amassed $19m.

BVI's Meet The Robinsons took $9m from 3,200 theatres in 22 markets. Executives ascribed the disappointing performance to warm weather across many regions and the fact that school holidays have not yet started in most of the world except Latin America.

The animated family film took $2m in the UK from 414 sites to rank third, opened top in Mexico on $1.8m from 450 screens, and opened third on $1.6m in Spain from 264 sites. Australia, Russia and Venezuela produced $725,000 from 250 sites, $520,000 from 180, and $350,000 respectively. Turkey generated $325,000 from 60 sites.

The bulk of these results were comparable to the launches of Robots and Brother Bear, and BVI will look to holdover business and the arrival of school holidays to give the box office a push. It opens in 14 territories next weekend including Brazil.

The comedy Wild Hogs grossed $1.7m from 564 screens in seven markets and stands at $14.1m. It ranks second in Australia after adding $1m for $9.5m after two weekends.

Paramount/PPI's comedy Norbit took $4.1m from 2,145 sites in 43 territories for $49.3m. The highlight was Italy, where the Eddie Murphy vehicle grossed $877,000 from 230 sites for $3m. The thriller Shooter added $1m from 448 sites in three territories for $1.4m, fuelled by debuts in Mexico and Taiwan that opened third on $600,000 from 287 screens and second on $300,000 from 51 respectively.

Dreamgirls added $400,000 from 536 sites in 59 territories and currently stands at $50.1m.

Sony Pictures Releasing International's (SPRI) superhero Ghost Rider crossed $100m as $2.6m from 3,200 screens in 58 markets elevated the tally to $100.2m. Elsewhere the drama Reign Over Me added $110,000 from 56 screens in one market and stands at $420,000 in the early stages.

Fox International reported a quiet weekend. The Hills Have Eyes 2 grossed $4.3m including previews from 857 screens. It opened in the UK, Mexico, Germany and Austria. The Namesake launched in a few territories and took $685,000 from 111 screens, while Epic Movie added $2m from 104 screens for $31.3m.

Saw III has taken $82.4m for Lionsgate and remains active in 15 territories.