Marco Mueller, head of the Benetton-owned production company Fabrica Cinema, is planning to create a new, autonomous production company at the end of this year.

Mueller said he will maintain his role at Fabrica, which will continue to build on its reputation of fostering new talents from around the world. But he also emphasized the need to establish a separate film production outfit which will be able to approach potential financial partners free from any ties to the multi-million dollar clothing empire.

Mueller's new, as yet unnamed company, will maintain Fabrica's ongoing relationship with Rai Cinema, which co-produced Danis Tanovic's Italian-Bosnian competition film No Man's Land. Mueller also said he aims to continue searching for European television partners.

Meanwhile, the producer - who left his position as the artistic director of the Locarno Film Festival last year to join Fabrica - unveiled Fabrica's latest feature film: The Angel of the Left Shoulder, by Jamshed Usmonov, a young Tajikustan director who is the first Asian intern of the Cannes Festival's Cinefondation.