Veniceartistic director Marco Mueller is warning the Biennale that he needs to havefull control over the next film festival, "or he will be better off beinga full time producer again."

"The mishap that happened at this year's eventdidn't have anything to do with the number of films in the festival. There werefar more films in Venice when the festival was directed by Alberto Barbera orMoritz de Haldeln," Mueller said.

"Thisyear I only had four months to organize the festival. The problem was that somethinghappened with the structure of the festival. And I won't do a second yearunless I can truly take full responsibility for the festival and for itsglitches," he warned.

"Wecan't afford for the same thing to happen again. I have given up being a producerto become the director of the Venice Film Festival, but if I cannot be the realdirector of the festival, I will be better off being a full-time produceragain."

Muellerunderlined that his relationship with Biennale president Davide Croff is"excellent." However, he said that the Biennale needs to start off byclarifying the structure and roles of all the technicians who work in theCinema section of the Biennale, which organises the Venice Film Festival.

"Thistime, we have time on our hands, but I need to have a list of everyone'sresponsibilities, and I need to be fully in control of the festival," hetold

Mueller was recently re-confirmed as the artisticdirector of the Venice Film Festival for a further three years.

TheBiennale's board of directors will meet again on November 11.

Meanwhile,Mueller had some reservations about MIFED's decision to hold a three-day marketin Milan and a further three days in Venice during the next Venice FilmFestival.

"I'mtrying to rationalize it in all possible ways, but we have a different history.Right now, Venice and Mifed's needs don't coincide. We need to strengthen abudding market, and they want to bring the Villa Erba screenings in Como toVenice," he said.

However,Mueller said: "For me, the important cooperation is that MIFED is nowoffering us the possibility of a structure to house these screenings on theLido. But I think we also need to make the best use of the Casino. We needscreening rooms and a buyers' lounge. And the second floor of the Casino has anempty space where screening rooms could be built."

Still,Mueller admitted that the Lido currently has a shortage of accommodation thatwon't be able to fit in extra industry members as well as regularfestival-goers.

TheRome-born director agreed that many of those attending the market will have tostay in Venice, rather than on the Lido, and the Biennale will have to operateshuttle boats between the two islands.

In themeantime, he said that the Biennale and Mifed still have to draw out preciseplans for the Venice market.

"Oneof the problems is that the Biennale outsources its hotels. We need to have adirect link with the hotels and restaurants so that they understand the newreality of having a film market in Venice," Mueller said.