Ulrich Muhe and Ulrich Tukur, two of the stars of Oscar-winner The Lives Of Others, are to appear alongside Marie Bonnevie (The Banishment) in One Woman. The $3.5m drama written and directed by Mauricio Mendiola, will offer a fictionalised history of Monika Ertl, a heroine of the Bolivian revolution.

Monika is a young German woman who moved to Bolivia after the Second World War with her family. Her father, a German filmmaker for the Third Reich, is friends with Klaus Altman (who turns out to be Nazi war criminal Klaus Barbie). Monika becomes more and more politicised. After the killing of Che Guevara, she joins the guerrilla resistance.

One Woman is line-produced by Luna Film and executive-produced by Backup-Media and Berlin Films S.A. It will begin shooting in early autumn in Bolivia and Germany. Sales are handled by Backup.