Major Oscar nominees dominated the international box officethis weekend, with Munich holding on at the head of the pack, Memoirsof a Geisha expanding well and Walk the Line making a good start.

Over the second weekend of its international rollout,Universal's Munich - which got five Academy Award nominations last week,including a surprise inclusion in the Best Picture category - grossed, throughUIP, an estimated $13.3m from 3,400 locations in 40 markets. The take pushedthe cumulative total for Steven Spielberg's thriller to $34.3m.

The film opened in ten new markets, the biggest showingcoming in Japan, where Munich grossed $1.41m (53% ahead of Spielberg's Schindler'sList) from 248 locations. In other bows, the film grossed $250,000 from 50locations in Greece and $400,000 from 35 in Norway.

In its major holdover markets, Munich took $1.6m (offjust 25%) in the UK, for a running total of $5m; $1.57m (down 40%, thanks inpart to the big opening of local picture Les Bronzes) in France, for a$4.7m running total; $1.4m (only 17% down) in Germany, where the total reached$3.75m; $1.26m (down 24%) in Spain, for a $3.45m total; and $1.15m (off 31%) inItaly, to reach $3.4m.

Memoirs of a Geisha - recipient of six Oscarnominations - expanded into a number of new markets and grossed an estimated$9m (up from around $7.6m last weekend) from 30 territories, bringing itscumulative international total to $61.8m. In the 16 markets handled by SonyPictures Releasing International (SPRI), the film took $5.4m; markets licensedby co-producer Spyglass added another $3.5m.

SPRI opened the picture in South Korea for a gross of $2.5mfrom 152 screens. That made Memoirs the top US film in the territory(third overall) and put it on a par with War of the Worlds and ahead of TheLast Samurai.

In Mexico, the film opened with $330,000 from 80 screens andfifth place; and in Brazil it debuted with $185,000 from 80 screens for eighthplace.

Holdover business was strong in Spain, where the $1.8mthird-week gross (for an $8.2m total) from 234 screens was only 22% down andkept the film at number two.

Fox International's Walk the Line - which got fiveOscar nominations - started its international run with a gross of $7.4m from856 screens in the 13 territories for which the distributor received results.Fox suggested that returns from the nine territories that did not report couldpush the weekend total past $8m.

In major-market debuts, Walk was number one in Australia,with $2m from 249 screens; a conditional number one in the UK, with $1.96m from200 screens; number three in Germany, with $1.4m from 181 screens; number sevenin Spain, with $455,000 from 205 screens; and took $247,000 from 150 screens inMexico.

Chicken Little, from Buena Vista International (BVI),was either just ahead of or just behind Walk the Line with an estimatedgross of $7.6m from 2,800 screens in 32 markets. The weekend figure brought thefilm's international total to $139m.

The animated tale opened at number one in Sweden with $1.1mfrom 159 screens, comparable, said BVI, to the opening of The Incredibles,and almost twice as big as the opening of Monsters, Inc.

In holdover markets, Chicken Little stayed at numberone in Germany, with $2.7m (down just 15%) from 800 screens, for a local totalof $7.3m; at number one in Austria, with $455,000 (down only 17%) from 104screens, for a total of $1.3m; and dropped only 17%, to $653,000 from 208locations, in Korea, for a $2.9m total.

SPRI's Fun With Dick And Jane stayed funny with anestimated $6.2m from 2,500 screens in 40 territories, for a runninginternational total of $52.7m. The comedy opened in Singapore with $450,000from 30 prints; was number one in Italy in its second week, with $1.4m from 333screens (total - $4.1m); and number two in the UK in its third week, with $1.6mfrom 377 screens (total - $9.3m).

SPRI's Zathura had mixed fortunes, grossing anestimated $3.5m from 1,580 prints for a running international total of $17.6m.In the UK, the family fantasy opened at number three with $1.8m from 407screens, though the take goes up to $2.4m when previews from last week areincluded. In France, on the other hand, the film managed only $660,000 from 330screens and in Germany it took $310,000 from 200.

SPRI's The Fog grossed $1.8m from 940 screens for a$7.6m international total. It opened at number two in Mexico, with $830,000from 300 screens, and in Australia with $240,000 from 85 screens.

BVI's The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch andThe Wardrobe kept going in its third month, falling off just 38% for a takeof $6m, bringing the international total to $366m (and the global total to$647.8m). With Japan still to open, the film - which got a trio of Oscarnominations -- is expected to pass the international total of TheIncredibles next weekend, making it BVI's third biggest internationalperformer ever, behind only Finding Nemo and The Lion King.

BVI also reported good business with Bambi 2, ananimated sequel that was not released theatrically in the US. The film grossedan estimated $3.8m from 604 locations in five markets, bringing theinternational total to $4.1m. Strong showings came in France ($2.2m from 600locations); Spain ($601,000 from 150 screens); and Italy ($391,000 from 150screens).

Derailed, which BVI is distributing internationallyfor the Weinstein Co, took $2m from 609 screens in 11 markets, for a total of$4.6m to date. The thriller opened at number four in the UK with $1.7m from 318screens (beating the comparable Unfaithful, said BVI, by 40%).

BVI's Flightplan, meanwhile, remained number one inJapan in its second week, dropping just 24% to $3.2m. International total forthe action thriller is $119m from 52 territories.

Fox International's Big Momma's House 2 opened inBrazil and grossed $327,000 from 123 screens. Over eight territories, theMartin Lawrence comedy took $4.6m at the weekend from 1,259 screens, for arunning total of $12.9m.

Universal's Nanny McPhee grossed $3m from 950 dates inseven territories, raising its international total to $39.5m. Distributed byUIP, the family comedy opened in Korea with $750,000 from 85 dates (116% aheadof The Grinch, said Universal) and took $1.6m from 371 dates in Germany.In its home territory of the UK, the film is still playing matinees in itssixteenth week and has grossed $29.1m to date.

From Universal's Focus Features, Pride and Prejudice- proud owner of four Oscar nominations - grossed an estimated $2.4m throughUIP, from 950 dates in 25 territories. The period drama opened in Italy with anestimated $1.2m from 176 dates, good enough for third place in the territory.

Universal's King Kong - with another four Oscarmentions -- grossed $1.5m through UIP, from 1,100 dates in 48 territories (notincluding China and other Asian markets). International total to date is$321.5m. The studio's Jarhead grossed $1m from 1,000 dates in 23 territories,bringing its international total to $25.8m, with 12 territories still to open.

Universal is releasing Focus' Brokeback Mountain -the leading Oscar contender, with eight nominations - in Spain and the studio reportedthat the film took an estimated $950,000 from 166 dates for a running total of$4.7m.