The British director Stephen Frears will be honoured with a retrospective at this year’s Munich Filmfest, which will be held from 26 June - 4 July.

The films to be shown will include My Beautiful Laundrette, Dangerous Liaisons, Sammy And Rosy Get Laid, Mary Reilly, High Fidelity, The Queen, and his most recent feature Cheri. The latter premiered at this year’s Berlinale in February and will be released in Germany by Prokino in August.

Filmfest director Andreas Ströhl said it had decided to pay tribute to Frears because he is “one of Europe’s most interesting and innovative filmmakers”. He added: “His name stands for small, politically-minded and socially committed films as well as for star-studded, intelligent entertainment.”

Last year’s Munich retrospective was dedicated to the Bavarian filmmaker and artist, Herbert Achternbusch.