Hong Kong’s Mega-Vision Project (MVP) has sold Marco Mak’s action title Naked Soldier to a slew of territories including France, where it was jointly acquired by AB Groupe and AAA.

The follow-up to producer Wong Jing’s Naked Weapon has also gone to India (Indo Overseas) and Vietnam (Vietnam Media). Earlier in the Cannes market, North American rights for the film went to XLrator Media, which has positioned it as one of the first releases on its Turbo by XLrator label.

Directed by Marco Mak, the film stars Jennifer Tse as a sexy assassin who has been brain-washed and instructed to kill a surprising target from her past. Corey Yuen (The Expendables) is on board as action director and the cast also includes Sammo Hung, Philip Ng and Ankie Beilke.

Scheduled for local release over the summer, the film was previously sold to Malaysia (Golden Screen), Middle East (Gulf Films) and Turkey (ANC Films). 

MVP’s slate also includes martial arts action film Once Upon A Time In Shanghai, which recently started shooting in China. Directed by Wong Ching Po and starring Philip Ng and Sammo Hung, the project has Yuen Woo Ping (The Matrix) on board as action director.