Myriad Pictures has optioned the film rights to Stephen J Cannell's best-selling novel Riding The Snake, a conspiracy thriller set in the world of Chinese organized crime. The film will be produced by Kirk D'Amico, president of Myriad Pictures, alongside Doug Rosen, vice president of production at Cannell Studios, Lucas Foster, president of production at Myriad, and Cannell, who will also write the screenplay.

Cannell is best-known as a pioneering TV writer/producer with credits including The Rockford Files, The A Team, Baretta and 21 Jump Street. He also produced the yet-to-be-released feature Bad Boy with Denis Leary and Elizabeth Hurley.

He has numerous novels to his credit including The Viking Funeral, The Tin Collectors and King Con. Riding The Snake is the story of an LA playboy investigating his brother's mysterious death in the world of Chinese triads.