Hugely successful lifestyleportal MySpace is teaming with specialized independent film distributor BsideEntertainment and festival consultant Right Angle Studios to launch the BsideRoadshow, a touring US film and music festival which will begin on June 4 inAustin, Texas.

The festival will travel tocollege towns like Ann Arbor, Minneapolis, Madison, Philadelphia, Boulder,Portland and Boston, presenting a short and feature film at each venue as wellas a series of regional MySpace bands.

The films screening are BeforeThe Music Dies, a documentary aboutthe music industry's abandonment of its fans, the graffiti writing drama QualityOf Life and docu-comedy TheOutdoorsman: Blood, Sweat And Beers abouta group of friends competing in all-day drinking event.

MySpace will promote theroadshow to audiences by linking to film trailers and downloads of the emergingartists from each event.