The UK initiative is picking up on the current trend for user generated content.

Simon Chinn and Pawel Pawlikowski are amongst the jurors for a new UK documentary competition, MyStreet, aimed at creating a picture of Britain in the 21st century. It follows in the footsteps of Kevin Macdonald’s YouTube user generated Life In A Day, which will be released later this year.

Budding film-makers are being invited to create a short film about their street. The films, which can be from 90 seconds to 9 minutes, should be uploaded to, with the best entries being screened at the Open City London Documentary Festival which runs from June 16-19. The competition carries a top prize of $4800 (£3000).

Also sitting on the panel will be Penny Woolcock, Christi Puiu, Nick Pearce.

Man On Wire producer Simon Chinn, who was at the competition launch in London this morning, said; “Everyone should make a MyStreet film. It’s a brilliant and fresh way of looking at our world. I look forward to seeing them.”