Movielink, the IP-based video-on-demand distribution service formed as a joint venture by five major studios, has hired Mariam Naficy as vice president of marketing and Jessica Algazi as vice president of content.

Algazi's appointment has significance for the international community in that she will be responsible for acquiring product from third party suppliers as well as managing the day-to-day relationships with Movielink's studio partners which are MGM, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros. She will also manage the operational and contractual aspects of licensing and inventory management.

Algazi will report to Naficy, who will lead the marketing, product, customer service and content groups, responsible for creating the overall service vision and driving day-to-day revenues. She was formerly co-founder of, an online retailer of cosmetics and was most recently interim vice president, channel marketing, at Columbia TriStar International Television. Naficy reports to Movielink CEO Jim Ramo.

Algazi has handled acquisitions, co-productions and distribution in previous jobs at Discovery Networks, MGM and Dove Entertainment. She was recently head of content acquisitions at Geocast Network Systems, a wireless-on-demand datacasting service.