UniversalPictures has announced that it has renamed two of its divisions. As of Nov 1,its international theatrical releasing arm will be renamed Universal PicturesInternational and its international home entertainment group will be renamedUniversal Pictures International Entertainment.

The new companynames reflect Universal Pictures' international distribution joint venture withParamount Pictures, which was announced last year.

From Jan 1, 2007, UniversalPictures International will own and operate marketing and distribution in the United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Korea, Russia, Spain and Switzerland from its headquarters in London. They will also distribute theatrical releasesthrough Paramount-owned operations in Australia, Brazil, Ireland, Mexico and New Zealand.UIP will continue to distributeboth Universal and Paramount product in 20 additional territories.

The announcementwas made Oct 6 by David Kosse, President of Universal Pictures International Marketing and Distribution. He said, "As weanticipate our revised distribution agreements with UIP and Paramount, we are looking forward to establishing aclear identity for Universal's presence in these key markets. We are moving inthat direction by identifying these two companies clearly with the UniversalPictures International name."