Napster, the fast-growing US digital music service, isconsidering moving into films and video games in an ambitious drive to win newsubscribers.

Chris Gorog, Napster chairman and chief executive, saidin a report in today's Financial Times that the US-listed group couldapply its online music model to films, TV programming and other video content -allowing users to sample and access content over the web.

Napster is the latest technology company to threatentraditional film distributors by exploiting high-speed internet and wirelesssystems.

"We are currently considering moving into video,particularly to tap the younger video game generation," Mr Gorog said."I do think that while there are huge players in the delivery of movieslike Sky, there could be a role for Napster."

Napster is locked in competition with Apple's iTunes overthe preferred consumer model for digital music distribution.

Apple's service, driven by huge demand for its iPoddevice, is based on 99 cent track downloads, while Napster offers unlimiteddownloads for a monthly subscription of about $10.

Mr Gorog, speaking on the fringes of the Midem musicindustry conference in Cannes, said that high-profile digital brands couldestablish a foothold in video content distribution.