The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe remained the international champion forthe fourth consecutive weekend as an estimated $20m haul raised the cumulativetotal to $319m.

The children's adaptation is now Buena Vista International (BVI)'sixth biggest release of all time and became the first international title togross $100m this year alone ($119m).

Narnia added $2.4m for $71m in its sixth weekend in the UKand currently ranks fourth. It is the second biggest picture Disney has everreleased in the territory behind Toy Story 2, and now challenges that picture's record. Toy Story 2 finished on £45m and Narnia stands at £40.5m with theschool half-term holidays fast approaching.

Elsewhere the picture grossed $1.6m in its third weekend in SouthKorea for an $11.9m running total and is expected to overtake Pirates of TheCaribbean this week tobecome the third biggest BVI release of all time.

The picture stayed top in Australia for the fourth consecutiveweekend on $1.8m for $22m, added $554,000 for $21.2m in Mexico, $587,000 for$9m in Sweden, and a superb $712,000 for $2.5m in Argentina after only twoweekends. In another excellent result it stands at $3.1m after two weekends inPoland. Narnia openedextremely well in Turkey, grossing $890,000 for BVI's biggest opening weekendever.

Chicken Little added $3.6m for $114.4m and still has the UK, South Korea,German-speaking territories and Scandinavia to come in the next few weeks.Japan produced $1.5m for $20.6m after four and Australia generated $1.1m for$7.1m after three.

Memoirs Of A Geisha, which BVI has in the UK and Japan, opened among the top 10 inthe UK on $2m on 241 screens in a result that was more than double the openingof Hero and CrouchingTiger, Hidden Dragon.Japan stands at more than $11m after five weekends.

Universal's King Kong added $15m through UIP from 6,900 venues in 57 territories for a$296m international running total that could pass $300m this week.

The result was powered by a mighty $3.1m launch in China in 315 sites.Elsewhere the picture stands at $48.9m in the UK where it ranks third, $19.8min Germany in fifth place, $17.4m in key Japanese cities, $15.7m in Mexico,$14.3m in Spain, $14.6m in Australia, $5.3m in New Zealand, and $5.8m inBrazil.

Jarhead openedin a further 18 territories and grossed $8.5m in a total of 27 for an early$14m international cumulative total.

The Gulf War picture opened top in the UK on $3.5m from 390 venuesand enjoyed 20% market share.

Jarheadopened in second place in France on $1.4m from 338, and held in third place inGermany on $1m for $3.1m after two weekends. In two more second weekend holds,it ranks sixth in Spain on $1.6m and grossed $835,000 in Mexico.

More good news for UIP came in the form of a strong, second placed, opening for Nanny McPhee in Australia. It is the first major territory in the world outside the UK to receive the film taking $1.3m (A$1.8m) from 217. The launch demonstrates the family title's potential beyond the already massive success it has enjoyed at home. It is stillplaying in the UK and stands at $29.1m,which is the bulk of the $30.6minternational running total to date. It's first test in a non-English language territory comes next weekend when it opens in Brazil.

Pride And Prejudice opened in six territories and grossed $2m from 11. Theinternational running total is $47m and this weekend's key opening was the keyJapanese cities where it opened sixth on $700,000.

Paramount's crime drama Get Rich Or Die Tryin' made its international debut in Germanyon a respectable $1.5m from 280 sites.

In its ninth weekend, Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire raised its massive international runningtotal by $6.6m from more than 4,650 screens in 56 markets to $582.5m.

The comedy remake Fun With Dick And Jane added $5.3m on 1,502 screens in 17markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI) for an early$18.4m cumulative score.

It produced Jim Carrey's second biggest opening ever in Mexico on$1.9m from 418 screens, while Germany led the second weekend holdovers on $1.5mon 73 for $4.4m. After the same amount of time Austria and Switzerland stillrank number one on $740,000 and $735,000 respectively. Australia has produced$7.4m after four weekends.

Memoirs of A Geisha added $1.5m on 236 in seven for $1.9m. Through all distributorsthe picture has amassed $20.7m to date.

Taiwan opened on $670,000 on 90for number one, while Hong Kong generated first place and $290,000 on 21,Denmark produced $190,000 on 41 for third place, and Argentina generated$135,000 on 25 for fourth place.

Zathuratook an estimated $1m on 794 screens in 14 markets for an $11.2m running total.The children's picture opened fifth in Brazil on $220,000 on 150, and eighth inNew Zealand on $75,000 on 57. Mexico stands at $3.7m after four.

The Producers stands at $5.8m powered by a fifth place $1m launch in Australia,while The Fog hasgrossed $1.9m through SPRI from the early stages of its run and stands at $2.4mthrough all distributors.

Fox International's CheaperBy The Dozen 2 added $2.7m for $29m,powered by a $1m hold in the UK in its third weekend for $8.5m. Mexicogenerated $828,000 for $5m after the same amount of time.

The Family Stone raised its running total by $2.1m to $22m. Spain ranked numberone on $1m from 253 screens for $2.9m after two weekends, while launches inBrazil and Argentina produced $315,000 on 94 and $107,000 from 30 respectively.

Fox holds rightsto Saw 2 in its onlyterritory of Taiwan and opened the horror sequel in third place on $397,000from 95. Brazilian local language hit Fe Eu Fosse Voce remained top in its home country on $1mfor $3.6m after two. Fox Searchlight's Separate Lies opened in Mexico on $80,000 on 25.