Dutch actioner VetHard!, a remake of Danish 2002 hit film Old Men In New Cars,achieved an impressive second place in the local chart with Euros 233,000 on 79screens.

25-Year old debutdirector Tim Oliehoek has proven himself quite a media personality for the lastfew weeks, appearing extensively in all possible papers, broadcasts and radioshows.

Vet Hard! producer San Fu Maltha has launched theyoungster as this year's most promising Dutch directing talent, offering him todirect a Euros 3.7m action flick, a genre almost unknown in the Netherlandsbecause of its high cost.

Dutch critics hadmixed feelings about the well crafted, but often quite rude action title.

Almost all reviewsapplauded Oliehoek's talent, but many did not feel attracted to the grim humorand the cartoon like excesses of violence delivered in the film.