The Netherlands Film Festival (September 20-29) is launching a virtual event - the Netherlands Internet Film Festival - which is designed to give greater exposure to Dutch film-makers.

Starting from June 29, up to 21 short to medium-length films will be webcast each week on the festival's web-site (, seven in each of three categories - fiction, documentary and animation. Viewers will have a chance to vote for their favourites, and the least popular film in each category will be replaced once a week.

The event will run until September 7 when 21 finalists will remain and visitors will have a chance to vote for the winners. Prizes will be awarded at the regular Netherlands festival in Utrecht. The final deadline for applications is August 1.

This year's Netherlands event will also feature the first Co-Production Platform, a market offering an introduction to Dutch tax breaks and 13 films-in-progress including projects from A-Lab members Motel Films, Jordaan Films and Phanta Vision, along with other members of the " Dutch new wave" including IJswater Films, Lemming Film, Shooting Star and Staccato Films.