From Broadcast:

The British and Jamaican governments are joining forces to encourage filmmakers from the two countries to work on co-productions.

Broadcasting minister Shaun Woodward and Del Crooks, Jamaica's film commissioner, joined together at a specially organised press conference at the BroadcastLive trade show in London today to publicise the deal, in which they will encourage UK film makers to participate in joint activities.

'The deal represents a new dimension to film production in Jamaica where practitioners from both the UK and Jamaica will be encouraged to become more active and have access to incentives if they use services from the Jamaican film industry,' said Crooks.

Under the terms of the proposed co-production treaty, UK companies working on co-produced films with Jamaican filmmakers will be eligible to apply for UK national funding and UK tax relief.

The Jamaican film industry earned an estimated $1.2bn Jamaican dollars - around £7m - during the last financial year, and provided employment for over 3,400 people.

A BBC news report on June 5hailed Jamaica as a 'music video hub' that 'keeps a lot of trained filmmaking talent employed in a country where feature film-making is still in its infancy'.