Daniel Birman, a co producer of Mexico's all time blockbuster The Crime Of Father Amaro and partner Fernando Alanis have founded a new arthouse distributor in Mexico.

Called Film House, the new company will aim to acquire 10 to 12 titles a year. "We'll be on the lookout for arthouse fare with strong commercial potential, the elusive sleeper hits," said Birman. FilmHouse will kick off in Toronto which both partners will attend.

The distribution of specialised fare has not become any easier in Mexico where Hollywood studio titles dominate the 3,000+ screens. "The marketplace for arthouse fare is indeed difficult so a good selection is fundamental," Birman admitted.

Alanis, who will preside over the company, and Birman were partners at the indie distribution label, Arthouse, which has undergone a restructuring. They left Arthouse to form the new company.