New Belgian outfit Starway Film Distribution is to launch in September and will be handling exclusively E1’s films.

Starway is the latest initiative from Flemish media giant VMMA (Vlaamse Media Maatschappij), the parent company of TV stations VTM, 2BE, JIM and vtmKzoom and of radio stations Q Music and JOEfm.

The move into theatrical distribution comes as VMMA seeks to diversify and follows on from the company’s forays into book publishing (VTM Books), mobile technology (JIM Mobile) and its formation of a booking and management company (StarwayEntertainment.)

The new distribution outfit will be run by Wim Hubrechtsen, who is the Manager Line Extensions & Newbiz.

E1’s films in Belgium were previously released through Kinepolis and Belga.

A spokesperson for Starway said that the new company may look to handle non-E1 fare as well. It is in prime position to release films that its sister company VTM invests in. However, at least at the outset, the prime focus will be on the distribution of the E1 titles.