New Dutch regulations for film investment offer matching funds for films with two-thirds funding in place.

Producers with 65% of their financing in place will be able to apply for the other 35% of their film's budget under the new incentive. To access the cash, 25% of total financing must be from private investors.

This year, the Matching Fund's budget is $15.7m (Euros 11.8m). From 2008, the amount will be increased to a yearly $17.4m (Euros 13m).

Support will be granted to producers at least three years in business in one of the countries of theEuropean Union.

Applying companies must have a supporting office in the Netherlands with at least one permanent employee.

New Supplementary Regulations replace the Dutch CV system, which required the creation of special investment vehicles (CVs).

The criticised previous system offered private film investors a tempting benefit of tax allowances.

The new measures are currently being looked over by the EU in Brussels and the new scheme is expected to be running from the end of July.

The Dutch Film Fund will administer the new scheme on behalf of the Ministry Of Culture.

Dutch Film Fund director Toine Berbers stresses that the matching fund will be run entirely separately from the Dutch Film Fund's other schemes.