In conjunction with thegovernment of Amazonas, Le Public Systeme has announced the creation of a newfilm festival in Amazonas, Brazil.

Le Public Systeme is thegroup behind the Deauville Festival of American Film, the Cognac ThrillerFestival and the Gerardmer Fantastic Film Festival. Amazonas will be an adventure-themed event but will includeaspects of human adventure. "We could have films about space exploration orthings like Indiana Jones," said Amazon Forever director Jean-Pierre Dutilleuxone of the festival's creators.

In a twist, the festivalwill include fiction and documentary feature films with in separate sections.Roughly 15 films are expected to compete in the fiction section alongside about40 ethological or ethnological documentaries. Tributes to director andexplorers will become regular items as well as concerts, sidebars andworkshops.

Lionel Chouchan, presidentof Le Public Systeme placed the budget for the first event at Euros 1.5m andsaid a deal pending with Brazilian carrier Varig could mean about 300 attendeeswhen the festival runs November 13-21.