The paint may still be wet on the shingle, but brand new production and distribution company Wild Side Films has made two purchases in its first market outing. By picking up Second Name and Oblivion from Spanish mini-major Filmax, the new company announces its arrival on the international market scene.

Second Name is a feature from Paco Plaza currently in post-production. Nacho Cerda will start shooting Oblivion in November. Both directors are first-timers from Filmax's specialty label Fantastic Discovery. The newly-formed Wild Side Films is a partnership between former StudioCanal executive Manuel Chiche and Bac Films' Jean Labadie. There are three divisions within Wild Side which employs 6 people whom Chiche brought over from StudioCanal.

Wild Side acquisitions will concentrate on multi-rights purchases. Chiche tells Screen, "We'll look for 3 small films per year and possibly 4 to 6 rare films for re-release." Those films will then go out theatrically by either Bac or its boutique arm Mars Films.

Wild Side Video will pick up mandates from outside sources or take over certain ones already held by Bac and Mars to the tune of about 25 a year. All videos will then be distribbed via Universal Pictures Video.

The third arm of Wild Side will produce films, "eventually," says Chiche who explains that they are currently finishing consulting on two projects (Ginostra and Kaena) which he began at StudioCanal.

Chiche tells Screen he and Labadie started discussions about 6 months ago on the new venture. "I wanted to be independent but it's difficult to get going on your own. I know Jean and I know I'll be well treated and allowed an independence in my choices."

\Wild Side will now be present at all major markets and will look to develop and produce niche fare.