Australian production company New Holland Pictures and Netherlands-based IdtV Film are joining forces to co-produce the $4.2m (NZ $5.6m) romantic comedy Separation City.

New Zealand's Paul Middleditch (Terra Nova) will direct. The story, written by New Zealand writer Tom Scott, is about a New Zealand woman about to find out her partner is having an affair with a Dutch woman, while he is on a business trip to Amsterdam.

Shooting is scheduled in 2008. No cast has been announced yet. The feature is the second international co-production IdtV Film has announced this month.

The Dutch company also joins forces with Singapore-based Monsoon Pictures for the $4.2m (NZ$6.5m) drama Nadra, based on the true story of a 13-year-old Dutch girl at the centre of a fierce custody battle. The controversial case erupted into riots between Muslims and Christians in 1950s Singapore .