New Internet TV service Babelgum is now available for public use.

The Babelgum network is now offering a capped number of free application downloads daily, and pre-registered and beta tester users are also using the service.

Babelgum uses peer-to-peer technology for its service, which is free and will be advertising-supported.

Initial on-demand content offerings, from a variety of content providers, are organized by nine channels: Babel Picks, News, Trends, Music, Sport, Documentary, Lifestyle, Animation and Fiction.

'The convergence of broadcast and web technologies opens new opportunities for our content partners and offers a personalised experience to each of our users,' Silvio Scaglia, Babelgum's chairman and co-founder, said. 'Babelgum has no ties to individual content owners and distributors and as a result our editorial strategy is primarily 'user-centric'. That strategy ensures the platform satisfies the needs of a potentially infinite number of niche audiences around the world. By validating and aggregating the best material from a wide range of independent and mainstream content owners Babelgum aims to encourage common interest communities that are not well served by traditional television.'