The new joint managing director of London-basedCapitol Films, Nick Hill, is predicting an "incredibly busy" European Film Market in Berlin.

The former chief executive of IconEntertainment was appointed last week and is feeling confident heading into his first major market in the role.

"We - as everybody - hope that we'll bringsome new stuff to the marketplace at Berlin," Hill told ScreenDaily.

"It seems as if it's going to be anincredibly busy market. I heard that for many other companies, the AFM was kind ofdisappointing in terms of business, so that could mean the next market (in Berlin)will be busier."

He adds, "As always we're in activediscussions with a couple of parties for new films, we'll see if the movieshave been set up in time."

Hill left Icon in April and previously served as MD ofdistribution at Pathe. At Capitol, Hill is taking on duties formerly performed by Sharon Harel, who plans to take a less active role in the day-to-day activities at Capitol from the start of 2006.

Harel will remain principal shareholder and co-chair of Capitol's board.

In his new role, Hill says he is essentially sharing the managerial workload. As such, he's involved in Capitol's threefold activities of financing, producing, and selling projects.

"What I enjoy doing is getting filmsmade, financed, and working in the international marketplace and I thinkCapitol has a very good track record of doing that, particularly in the pastfour to five years."

He continued: "In the past two to three years Capitol hasbeen one of the few British companies making American movies, which isinteresting from an international perspective."