Rush Hour 2 has crossed the $100m barrier at the internationalbox office eight months after its first territories opened in August last year.The movie, released by New Line International buyers and partner distributorsinternationally, now stands at $100.3m and could catch up with Rush Hour which took $103.1m in international territories in1999.

Domestically, the RushHour films have fared spectacularly,taking $141.2m and $225.2m respectively in 1999 and 2001.

Biggest internationalterritories were the UK where it was released by Entertainment and grossed$16m, Germany where it was a Warner Bros release and grossed $13.8m and Japanwhere Gaga took $13.7m with the film. It also grossed $6.3m in Australiathrough Village Roadshow, $8.5m in France through Metropolitan and $4m inMexico through Videocine.

Meanwhile New LineInternational is counting the days before The Lord Of The Rings: TheFellowship Of The Ring hits the$500m mark in international grosses. By last weekend, the film was at $477m andcounting.