Dancing For Oliver, a documentary about the making of the dancesequences in Oliver Stone's Alexander,is one of approximately 50 films to screen at the first International FilmFestival of Marbella, Spain this Sept 8-10.

The festival, funded by thecharitable organization New World Trust, aims to promote new filmmakers fromaround the world.

Organizers are still siftingthrough more than 500 features, short films, documentaries and animated moviessubmitted from more than 45 countries for the festival's four main competitivesections, which carry non-monetary prizes.

A handful of titles havealready been selected, including UK director Suzanne Gielgud'sDancing For Oliver, Christopher Jaymes' Hollywood send-up In Memory Of My Father starring Judy Greer and Jeremy Sisto, Joseph Tito's DanceLike No One Is Watching (Balla CheTi Passa), Michael King's spiritual drama The Way Back Home, and more.

Organizers hope to bring inat least one talent with each film presented. Sidebars include a digital cinemaprogramme devoted to new technologies, and a visual and performance artshowcase called Art at the Fringe.

"Marbella has glamour and excitement that are not far short ofCannes," said festival director Mac Chakavehon the choice of location. "It is a nice and chic atmosphere, plus it has acombination of different nationalities and an international presence."

The wealthy residents of thetown could provide a source of funding for up-and-coming filmmakers showcasedat the festival, Chakaveh added. One local resident,Antonio Banderas, has lent support to the event,although his new film as director, SummerRain (El Camino De Los Ingleses), will not premierethere.