Arnon Milchan's Fox-based NewRegency is expected to secure remake rights in Cannes for Thai blockbuster Shutter.

The deal was brokered by RoyLee of Vertigo Entertainment who approached studio GMM Tai Hub last Octoberwhen Shutter, the top grossing Thai film of the year, was stillplaying locally. Lee is a matchmaker between Asia and Hollywood, having set upmany Asian films for remakes such as The Ring and The Grudge.

Significantly, the deal does not cover the North Americandistribution rights to the original, which the Thai studio expects to be soldby the end of Cannes to a specialist US distributor.

Shutter is thedirectorial debut of Parkpoom Wongpoom and Banjong Pisanthanakun and tells thestory of a photographer and his girlfriend who start seeing mysterious imagesin their photos after running over a girl with their car.